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Custom Fabrication Services

CCM Welding Inc. has over 100 years of combined industry experience in custom fabrication and design services. It is the heart of our work and has kept our business going strong for 40 years. We offer complete design and fabrication of carbon steel, stainless, and aluminum weldments ranging from machine platforms and railings to sophisticated assemblies. Please contact us today to request a quote. 



In today's modern manufacturing environment, operator and personnel safety are a top priority. We work to make your facility safe and accessible by creating custom solutions for industrial machine guarding and platform access. With one visit to your facility we will be able to generate precision CAD models of any area requiring service in order to provide accurate turnkey products. 

We work hand in hand with plant maintenance supervisors to ensure that your machinery is accessible and safe, while developing long term continuous improvement plans that fit your corporate budget. 


Our custom platforms and stairways can be designed to accommodate a variety of high-grip surfaces to fit your needs.


No job is too complex or too small for CCM. Our state-of-the-art CAD software combined with a century of practical experience, enables us to efficiently tackle jobs that require specialized metalworking skill-sets. We have provided service to a wide variety of customers including the aerospace, plastics, paper processing, food industries, and many more. 


We can create custom one-off products, production level assemblies that must meet strict tolerances, and anything in between. Our highly configurable manufacturing services enable us to quickly deliver your products in a timely manner to meet your strict deadlines. 


If it is made out of metal, we can build, design, and produce it. Please feel free to contact us today for a quote. 


We have an array of welding and fabrication equipment in-house that is expertly operated to ensure your precision products are quickly delivered. MIG, TIG, and stick welding of carbon steels, stainless, and aluminum are our core business. We also have a wide variety of cutting, bending, and forming equipment that can accurately process the majority of industrially available materials. 


With an initial onsite project assessment, we will be able to rapidly generate CAD models of the project area to ensure precise fitment of machine guarding, operator platforms, and maintenance access. Utilizing the same tools, we can also quickly respond to onsite and offsite machine or weldment repairs, as well as reverse engineering services.  

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