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Customers generally utilize our services for repair work when the purchase of a new tool or weldment is cost prohibitive. We have over 50 years of experience in repairs of carbon steels, stainless, aluminum, exotic alloys, and titanium. Our competitive hourly rates and available rush services are in place to secure your business and to ensure that your tools are back in action for production as quickly as possible. Walk-in repairs are welcome during operating hours or contact us for a quote. Hourly rates apply depending on the material, precision required, and repair environment. 



The majority of our business is centered around the fabrication of carbon based steels. We have access to a wide variety of structural forms and have a wide variety of cutting and forming equipment to ensure that your repair is the right fit. 



High chrome content steels are notoriously difficult to work with, and any repair must be handled professionally to ensure that there is no contamination of the material. We have many years of experience working with stainless, and are happy to take a look at your part. 


We can repair cast, extruded, and billet formed products that may receive damage from fatigue or fracture. Our high frequency welding equipment is specialized for aluminum work within a wide array of alloy families. 



A wide variety of nickel based and high carbon alloys have been utilized in many of our fabrications. We have worked with alloys such as Invar and Inconel which are commonly used in high temperature applications where dimensional constraints and high strength are required. 



Titanium is used heavily in the aircraft and chemical industry for its toughness and resistance to highly reactive environments. 

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